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CLHEI Strategic Plan Programme objectives (2020-2025)

The CLHEI strategic plan (2020-2025) therefore, shall focus on supporting institutions, systems and structures, working with the people towards creating the envisioned governance and environment which guarantee human development and community

The three (3) Programme areas umbrella of operational excellence of CLHEI in the next 5 years are as follows:

Priority Programme Areas

Humanitarian Response and Disaster Management – To build community resilience to conflict and disaster and make governments responsive in effective mitigation and response to disaster management.

Democracy and Governance – To improve government accountability, capability and responsiveness towards meeting the needs of vulnerable, poor and marginalized people.

Health and Human Development – To improve the health of poor and marginalized people, particularly women, children and people with compromised immunity.

The Strategy and Assumptions

This 5-year strategy is premised on the following assumptions:

  • Communities see CLHEI as working for their interests and not suspicious of her intentions and other key actors
  • Communities own CLHEI interventions, mobilize and build solidarity to claim their rights
  • Duty bearers (government, traditional/religious leaders and institutions) are willing and committed to provide the enabling environment, equal opportunities and access of poor and marginalized to essential services
  • Religious leaders will emphasize and spread the message that unite the people rather than those that divide them
  • Government will take decisive steps and actions in arresting divisive actions of politicians and other unscrupulous elements and douse tension arising from perceived pursuance of a ethnic or religious agenda
  • Global economic situation of donor nations remains buoyant
  • Catastrophic disasters, local and international wars/calamities do not occur
  • Donors will continue to prioritize Nigeria for support to address its political, economic, environmental and social challenges
  • Nigeria will be safe for investment by foreign investors and other international development actors

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