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Globally, harmful alcohol consumption resulted in 3 million deaths and 132.6 million disability-adjusted life years (DALYS). Harmful alcohol use caused some 1.7million deaths from non-communicable disease in 2016. An estimated 0.9 million injury deaths were attributed to alcohol. Africa bears the heaviest burden of disease injury attributed to Alcohol with an average per capita consumption of 6.1 liters (WHO Global status report 2018)

World No Alcohol Day is annually celebrated on 02 October along with the International Day of Non-violence, in most communities in India and the rest of the world. The day is observed on the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi who is also known as the father of the nation in India. World No ALCOHOL DAY is marked every 2nd October, drawing attention to the risk of alcohol abuse.

CLHEI commemorated the “WORLD NO ALCOHOL DAY” 2021 with support from Association of Advocates Against Alcohol Harm (ASAAHN) in Makurdi on the 02 October, 2021 with the theme: CHANGE IS NECESSARY!

Activities for the day began with a Talk show on Radio Benue Makurdi (95.0 FM) by 9:00am, and continued by 12:00pm at Hallydays Hotel with a Focus-Group-Discussion. The interactions were focused on the subject: The Socio-Medical Harm of Alcohol Consumption; a link with GBV. The objective was to expose the Socio-Medical harm of alcohol with a link to Gender Based Violence (GBV) in Benue state

Moderators: Dr Helen Teghtegh ( Executive Director, CLHEI), Ms Hembafan Utange Esq (Legal practitioner), Dr. Ann Ameh (Gender Desk Officer, NPF Makurdi), Dr. Wandoo Abwa (Medical Practitioner) Mr. Omoro Patrick (Producer, Radio Benue FM)

Below are the pre-situation report before the activity:

  1. Participants unaware of basic harm regarding excessive consumption of alcohol, its effect on their social welfare and linkages to Gender Based Violence.
  2. Participants do not have any idea of existing State/Federal laws that regulates alcohol production, sale and consumption.

The goal of the activities which was to emphasize the need for Socio-Behavioral Change in consumption of alcohol in Makurdi Benue state was met, and below are the data & Outcomes recorded:

  1. 50 Participants were reached (29 Male, 21 Female) through the focus-group discussion
  2. Improved awareness on the health related effects following alcohol consumption in Makurdi Benue state
  3. Improved awareness on the linkages between alcohol (Substance use), related crimes and GENDER BASED VIOLENCE in Makurdi Benue state

Below are picture excerpts from the days activities:

CLHEI Activity Lead Mr. Jimengi Asan coordinating the Agenda for the Focus-Group-Discussion (FGD) at HallyDays Hotel & Resort Makurdi, Benue State.
Dr. Wandoo Abwa (Medical Practitioner) making a presentation on the “Medical Harm of Alcohol Consumption” during the focus-group-discussion
Ms. Hembafan Utange Esq making a presentation on “Existing laws that regulates Alcohol Production, Sale and Consumption” during the focus-group-discussion
Mrs Ochor Chinasa (Gender Desk Offiver, Civil Defence Corp) making her presentation on “Effects of Alcohol Consumption on Social Welfare, crime rates and linkages with Gender Based Violence at the grassroots level” during the focus-group-discussion
Dr. Mrs Helen Teghtegh (Executive Director, CLHEI) making her presentation on “The Economic Impact of Alcohol Consumption” during the focus-group-discussion
Group photograph of facilitators and participants at the Focus-Group-Discussion
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