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Community Links and Human Empowerment Initiative (CLHEI) was founded in January 2006 and has been working across communities both geographically and through impactful organizations. It was registered on 18th Oct.2010 with Corporate Affairs Commission. As a national NGO, CLHEI has a working relationship Memorandum of Understanding with the Federal Republic of Nigeria under the Ministry of Finance, Budget, and National Planning and is also registered with UNFCCC as an observer Organization. CLHEI has worked extensively in the North Central and Northeast of Nigeria. With her presence in all north central states and offices in FCT, Benue, and Nasarawa states, CLHEI has worked with vulnerable persons especially the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs), Children, widows, and the refugees. CLHEI has worked and established entry points in over 125 communities across Benue state, having worked with local and state actors in the past years.