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Emergency Preparedness & Response | Early Recovery | Social Support | Rehabilitation & Integration|

Humanitarian crises in Nigeria in the past few years have been increasingly alarming with very devastated consequences on the citizen and national growth. Wanton loss of lives and properties, destruction of livelihoods have heightened the humanitarian crises which are triggered by incessant violent conflicts and natural disasters such as flooding. The situation has birth series of Internally Displaced Person’s (IDP) Camps. Unfortunately, the triggers of these humanitarian crises have not been adequately addressed while living victims of these disasters have remained poor, vulnerable and even more exposed to other associated dangers. CLHEI therefore hopes to use this workstream to respond to humanitarian and emergencies, work around disaster risk reduction and environment governance including peace building and conflict transformation. It is believed that when community resilience is built, and early warning systems strengthened with positive behavioral changes from the people around tolerance and engagement with their environment, there will be sustainable peace and drastic reduction in the over-populated IFDP-c with those currently inhabiting them properly rehabilitated and reintegrated into their communities.